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ISBA brings to you a variety of webinars on most recent topics in business valuation to help you leverage them for your career. Our select speakers provide an in-depth understanding of these for you.

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Marcey Rader

Email Extinguisher - Controlling Busyness into Business

Keys to prioritizing a professional’s workloadHow to respond to email communication in a reasonable fashionBoosting your productivity without working harderDealing with telepressureFinding out who is in control..

24 Apr 2018
Carol J. Kaemmerer

LinkedIn Strategies that Will Grow Your Business Appraisal Practice

Being chosen to be the professional to appraise a business depends on your ability to establish a trust relationship with your prospective client. You can accelerate that process by the way you present yourself on LinkedIn, then proceed to reinforce your credibility and expertise with each intera...

24 May 2018
Sierra Modro

Assessing Company Specific Risk: Is Technology Current

It can be hard to know whether a company’s technology strategy is more cutting edge or a dragging weight. How do you know if the necessary investments have already been made or if deferred upgrades mean major expenses in the near future? Those same deferred upgrades could also spell security issu...

05 Jun 2018
Ian Khan

Understanding Emerging Tech, Disruption & The Future

The current technology era and how it is shaping the industry and our future.7 key areas of value creation are the 7 essential areas where value can be created.The 7 steps is a framework for value creation in the ers of disruptionWhat is Industry 4.0What is digital transformationWhat is Blockchai...

19 Jun 2018

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Anne Obarski

Bullfrogs Have it Easy…They EAT What Bugs Them! How to get along with anyone around your pad!

Successful businesses are built through strong communication skills. It has been said that people are hired because of their “hard skills” but let go because of their lack of “soft skills”. Recognizing your individual behavioral style as well as those you around you is critical for improved commu...

27 Feb 2018
Nathan Jamail

Building Your business by selling better

How to get more people to like, trust and hire you by implementing the mindset, discipline and skills of Influential selling.In small businesses and big businesses, the most difficult aspect of growing revenue is perfecting the true skill of selling.We will discuss having the right mindset. ...

13 Feb 2018
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