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What Are The Benefits Of Belonging To the ISBA And Holding The BCA Credential?

The Value Proposition we have developed for you is unique and remarkable.Let us ask you this:Would You Like To Put An Additional $5,231.00 In Your Pocket? If you are a BCA you can! Our valuation proposition of data, tools, service and support exceeds all others.The answer is clear … The BCA credential and ISBA membership is a significant value proposition worthy of your thoughtful consideration!

Business valuation professionals are asked to fork over their hard earned money for tools and data they need for analysis. Unfortunately, they also have to pay to purchase the tools they need and to continue learning they have to pay to purchase a class here and a class there or for a webinar to learn advanced techniques. It all adds up to a chunk of money.

What does ISBA provide its BCA members that others don’t? That is a great question and one in which we take pride in answering! Service, support, data, tools and continuing education.You have a name.You have needs to grow your business valuation practice. We bridge the gap in providing what you need when you need it.

Would You Be Interested If You Received The Service, Support, Tools, Data, And Education You Need?

Who wouldn’t? At ISBA, each and every BCA member receives a minimum of $5,231 worth of data, tools and continuing education!

“Thank you ISBA, I am thrilled to receive mentoring and continued support after I earned my BCA!”

ISBA Members Enjoy Benefits You Won't Experience Anywhere Else!

This statement is not made lightly. We keep our BCA tools that we give each member under wraps. But here is a sneak preview of just a few of the items you will enjoy as a Member or a BCA:

  1. FREE educational monthly conference calls instructing on the latest developments in the business valuation profession;
  2. FREE refresher course whenever you need to "refresh and/or jump start" your valuation practice;
  3. FREE ListServe and Message Board that connects all members together;
  4. FREE listing on the ISBA website driving traffic to you;
  5. FREE resources you'll need for an assignment; and
  6. Discounts on additional course content.

And ...much, much more!

If you want to find out, what this fantastic benefit is about, you will have to request the BCA Fast Start Preview Pak and you'll discover how very real this value proposition is to you and your practice!