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INTL BCA :: Going Concern Course

Hands On Report Writing Accompanied By Theory And Equipment Appraisal Overview

Hands-On Report Writing Accompanied By Theory And Equipment Appraisal Overview

You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that lenders and others rely upon to deliver a defensible estimate of value for going concern and special use properties.

Many of the assignments that come your way are not straightforward and require additional skills and knowledge. For example, the value of the business and the special considerations you should take into consideration in addition to the value of the equipment.

There are differences between the terms and methodologies employed by business valuation professionals and Certified General Appraisers … so much so that it can cause several challenges, hurdles, and even skewed values. Why risk the liability when you don’t need to?

Having said that ... What about the report? How do you combine valuation, property, and equipment? That's a great question! ISBA is the FIRST valuation credential to address this issue and delivers to all students who attend the 3 day Certificate Going Concern course HANDS ON Report Writing!

Here Is Just A Brief Overview Of What You Will Learn To Earn A Certificate From ISBA That Will Bring You Increased Knowledge, Theory, Application, Report,& Professional Credibility...

With your registration, you will receive complimentary membership into ISBA that will enable you to take advantage of our tools, service, support, complimentary educational webinars and discounted business valuation course rates if you choose to earn the coveted Business Certified Appraiser (BCA) professional credential!

We will also provide you with comprehensive educational tools you will use during the course.There is no need for you to pay in excess of $250! Here is what you will receive:

  • Comprehensive PDF of the slide presentation utilized during the course;
  • Sample report;
  • Going Concern Valuation by L. Deane Wilson, MA, ASA and Robin G. Wilson, MAI, 2012; and
  • Valuing Companies With Real Estate: Appraisal Experts Untangle The Issues, A BVR Special Report.

A Note From Your Instructor About The Course ...

“The Going Concern course offered by ISBA is unique -- it is a combination of theory and hands-on developing an appraisal by each student during the class. At the end of the class, each student should understand the issues and problems associated with valuing real property going concerns as well as know how to apply as actually have applied the various methods used. A sample appraisal will be developed during the course by each student and a complete copy of a sample real property going concern prepared by the instructor will be given to each student at the completion of the class. Obviously, one class will not make everyone fully competent in this area, but it will supply the basics and the format necessary to become competent in this exciting area of real estate appraisals.

I am looking forward to meeting you at the course!”

Paul R. Hyde, EA, MCBA, ASA, MAI, Hyde Valuations

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Paul R. Hyde EA, MCBA, ASA, MAI