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Business Certified Appraiser in Review Accreditation Workshop

About the course:
The study of business appraisal review makes a business appraiser much better able to write outstanding business appraisal reports.

There are only about 100 certified business appraisal reviewers in the US. This is an exploding area of practice for business appraisers and a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this expanding practice area.

The Training will be spread over 5 days where:

The course first lays the groundwork as to what should be included in a good business valuation report. Worksheets will be provided to guide the investigation and review process as sample reports are reviewed and critiqued. A written exam and submission of a demonstration report will be evidence that the student has met the requirements of the BCAR credential.

Key Takeaways:

  • - Applications of business appraisal review
  • - How to write a business appraisal review report
  • - How to develop a business appraisal review practice
  • - Examination preparation
  • - How to read and review a business appraisal report
  • - Opportunity to complete the demonstration review report in class on Day #5

Must attend for:
Certified (accredited) business appraisers (CBA, CVA, BCA, ASA, ABV, CICBV). CFAs.

Daily schedule :

  • 1


    Defining the elements of a good business appraisal report
  • 2


    Understanding the standards followed in a business appraisal report review
  • 3


    Learning how to write a business appraisal report review
  • 4


    What does practice management of business appraisal report review practice include
  • 5


    Writing the case study review report