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INTL BCA :: Applied Knowledge Course

The BCA Applied Knowledge Course is exclusive to business professionals who have knowledge and experience in one or all of the following areas

You'll want to find out about our exclusive Applied Knowledge BCA course and how you can qualify to participate!Request your complimentary Fast Start Preview Pak today.You will be glad that you did.

  • Commercial property appraisal
  • Business Brokerage/M & A/Intermediary
  • CPA/Financial Planner
  • Lenders

Why these specific business professionals? The Applied Knowledge course is comprehensive and provides intensive study combining the student's previous knowledge and experience to the intricate approaches and methods of business valuation.

Since the ISBA is focused on instruction regarding learning the best practices and standards to value a small to main-street business, course materials will provide intensive study on the approaches and methodologies consistent with the target markets a BCA will come into contact with as the Member embarks on valuation assignments.Yes, we do provide a broad overview of valuing a large public company, but that is not our focus during the course.

"I would absolutely recommend this course to others. Thank you very much. This was an excellent experience. Without the course, you really do not understand the business valuation process."


"I would recommend that others take this course. It is at a quick pace and excellent for those who already have an idea of business valuation/appraisals."

C. Guy,