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INTL BCA :: 6 Day Groundbreaking Course

ISBA Delivers What Business Valuation Professionals Have Asked For: A Groundbreaking And Revolutionary Business Valuation Course

The International Society of Business Appraisers (ISBA) announces a revolutionary method of education.Writing a credible business valuation report is not easy and a software based education course is now available to help overcome the hurdles of meeting industry standards.

The ISBA trains and certifies Business Certified Appraisers (BCA). To aid the business valuation student, the ISBA introduces a new six day valuation course combining instruction on valuation approaches and methods using valuation software. "Incorporating software with instruction is what the business valuation community was lacking. We are attracting professionals who are used to and want technology. Before now, there was a gap in the valuation profession that ISBA has filled since no other association provides such instruction to its members. We still have extensive study and application on several aspects of Report Writing within our course as well as advanced study, but the software is what the new generation of valuation professionals desire," states Howard A. Lewis, M.S., CBA, CVA, BCA, ABAR, former executive director of ISBA.

ISBA agrees that the valuation professional must demonstrate their knowledge to arrive at a defensible estimate of value. Using hands-on classroom training by analyzing case study examples, the student is able to complete the six day course better prepared to meet the needs of their clients.

The use of software in the classroom allows the student to fully understand the fundamentals of the valuation process which is much more than just pushing a button. Technology in the area of business valuation has drastically improved by incorporating spreadsheet calculations into the analysis which allows the business valuator to support the conclusion of value. Knowing how the approaches and methods impact the final value is taught in the classroom by knowledgeable industry leaders which in turn produces better qualified professionals.

Mr. Ron Rudich, CPA/ABV/CFF, MS, MCBA, CVA/ABAR/MAFF, CM&AA, BCA, CMEA, Senior Director of Business Valuation and Litigation Support for Gorfine, Schiller & Gardyn, P.A., in Owings Mills, MD, is our Instructor and an architect of the 6 Day BCA Course.He is a practitioner with over 30 years of experience who has published many white papers and articles on business valuation, a speaker on the subject matter, and is the past Chair of the Board of Governors for the Institute of Business Appraisers. Mr. Rudich provides some insight into the course...

"For the first time ever by any valuation association, the ISBA presented a six-day Level One and Level Two course that not only taught how to become a business valuator but also incorporates additional instruction in learning the business valuation software. With this approach, each candidate for certification experienced an in-depth knowledge curve enabling them to be able to complete a business valuation with the use of the software and not have to learn the software on their own."


"I found the valuation course to be comprehensive, delivered by a true, practicing industry expert...and delivered in a manner that facilitated a deep understanding of the material. I was highly impressed with the instruction and support, and am excited about integrating business valuation with my current real estate appraisal practice. The inclusion of the software into the course was also a BIG plus."

Bruce Jones, MAI,

"The presenters were well prepared and the sessions were very intense, relevant and very helpful to learn about business valuation. Incorporating valuation software from the beginning through the end of day six, was instrumental in jump starting the opportunity to bring all of the information together to write a sample demonstration report."



November 13-18, 2017 - Las Vegas